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Gather Data.   Take Control.   Automate.

Ultra-Rapid Prototyping

Off-The-Shelf IoT Systems

Custom Edge Devices

Custom HTML Interfaces

Don’t commit to major expenditures until you know what you need for your custom IoT solutions.

What We Do

OhioIoT provides simple, cost-effective systems that connect your business operations to the internet.  Monitor critical processes and control equipment back in the shop from anywhere, anytime.  

We are not systems integrators.  The hardware and software is our own, so we can tailor every aspect of the user experience.

A Family of Ghost Boards
Sample Voltage Data
The Garden Party Board

How We Do It

We built our platform up front so that it could tackle a large variety of new challenges.  With that, we just listen to customer needs and adjust accordingly.  Custom end devices and html interfaces are part of normal operations. 

No need to start from scratch.  Let us hear you out, make a proposal, and then get to work.  We can put something in your hands faster, and at a price that is better, than what you would expect.

A Bevy of Product Designs

Edge Devices

Standard or hand-made circuits, radio-connected to the gateway, coded with specific functionality.


A box that connects your end devices to the internet.  Decisions can be made here as well as the cloud. 


Secure data storage.  Custom code executing on your behalf.  Access to 3rd-party web services.


Use our standard web app or a custom HTML interface with all the inputs and outputs you need.    

Who We Seek To Serve

We want to help small- to medium-sized business, who either i) have a one-off project, or ii) are still in the ideation phase.  You may be building up towards a full custom IoT solution, but brainstorming that will be expensive if you don’t start by testing the waters a lower level.  

Our platform and services can be used to provide a level of internet-connectedness previously reserved for big firms with big budgets.  Start to see what your IoT framework looks like before you pay for production-level quality.

Manufacturing Operations

Remotely monitor and control your critical manufacturing environment.  Catch equipment failures before they happen.  Track operational performance.

Property Managers

Monitor your rehabs and vacant rentals without full-blown subscriptions.  Protect valuable assets from damage, theft, floods, and fire.


Real-time soil and environmental conditions can be tracked to minimize losses and analyze patterns.  Check on and manage your crops, from anywhere.

Retail Displays

Bring back the retail experience and make displays comes to life.  Improve engagement by allowing customers to interact with in-store promotional pieces.

Smart Home Installer

Deliver a special feature to your smart home client when off-the-shelf products won’t work.  Integrate our system with yours through custom APIs or IFTTT.


Give your high-end customers the experiences they demand with in-room and in-lobby experiences designed by your team.

Who We Are

OhioIoT was founded in 2018, and is now has team members in Ohio, Chicago, and Seoul, Korea.  Technical expertise is achieved through membership at mHub in Chicago, a modern maker-space full of hardware designers from multiple disciplines.

Larry Vincek

Larry Vincek

Founder / Engineer

Larry worked in engineering, real estate, and corporate finance, prior to starting OhioIoT.  Currently he is leading all customer engagements and the continued development of the platform. 

Jason Raclaw

Jason Raclaw


Jason is a 20+ year sales veteran based out of Chicago.  He develops solutions for Monster Recruiting, and is advising on marketing efforts at OhioIoT.
Joseph Kim

Joseph Kim

Business Affairs

Joseph is covering the legal frameworks for OhioIoT, through his consultancy Seoul Solution, which serves small- to medium-sized companies in the U.S. and Korea. 

Soohee Jong

Soohee Jong


Soohee is generating the creative content for the website and marketing materials, while moonlighting at a major Korean multinational.

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